Hadidjah Chamberlin

Redmond, WA
Download resume: (pdf)

My name is Hadidjah. I grew up in a barn and now I do environment art, effects and technical art, or forget that I'm supposed to be doing environments, effects or technical art and wander off to learn C# or some shenaniganry. Mostly I just like making things, especially when the things are games and especially when the games are awesome.

When not glowering at unskippable cutscenes from across the street, I run a blog called Skillpoint School on free game dev resources, learn more than it turns out any casual conversationalist wants to know about biology, and shout at kids about how back in my day Pokemon cards never had more than 120 HP and two attacks, and I had to go uphill both ways in the snow to get them.


  • Experience in both artistic and technical sides of content creation for games, including models, UVs and textures, particle effects, shaders, level construction, lighting, events, etc., rigging, tool scripting, and general game programming.
  • Quick and eager learner happy to delve into all aspects of game creation.
  • Passion for making and playing games.

Software and Languages

  • 3D: Maya, XSI, Houdini
  • Texturing and Sculpting: Photoshop, 3DCoat, Zbrush, Illustrator
  • Engines: UDK, Unity, Flash
  • Languages: C#, Python, MEL, Actionscript

Work History

Freelance/Self-Employed- Santa Ana, CA, November 2013-Present

  • Design, model, texture and rig armorsets for submission to DotA 2 workshop to increase skill in stylized prop creation in an environment with clear artistic direction.
  • Contracted to model and texture low-poly, hand-painted assets in unique style for use on mobile.
  • Designed, programmed, and created all art for string, a shoot-em-up-style Unity game to improve familiarity with Unity and acquire technical skills such as proficiency in C#.

Environment Artist- Secret Identity Studios, San Mateo, CA, April 2012-October 2013
Games: Marvel Heroes MMO (PC)

  • Created art for destructible objects and absorbed responsibilities for in-engine hook-ups to allow faster implementation of new assets, changes, and bug fixes.
  • Modeled and textured environment assets as well as creating or adapting shaders and particle effects as needed, reducing workload on other departments and finalizing assets more quickly.

3D / Technical Artist- Present Creative, San Francisco, CA, January 2011-March 2012
Games (uncredited outsource work): Sweet Shop, Big Boat Bingo, Edgeworld, 12 others (Browser, PC, iOS)

  • Created 2D and 3D art assets in a wide range of styles, as well as setting up deliverables for in-game use, consolidating role into a technical artist rather than a split across multiple departments.
  • Programmed and debugged games and prototypes in multiple scripting languages, working with both onsite programmers and clients while being able to easily jump back into art as needed.

3D Art Intern- Sudoscape LLC., Santa Barbara, CA, November 2009-April 2010
Games: Totemica: The Esper Chronicles MMO (Browser)

  • Modeled and textured costumes and creatures for stylized browser-based MMO.