VFX Demo Reel (November 2015)
Software: Unity, UDK, Photoshop, Maya, Plastic Animation Paper, Aftereffects, Houdini, Project Spark engine

string (alpha)
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Unity / C#

"string" is a small, gather-em-up game I've been making to familiarize myself with all the ins and outs of creating a game start to finish in Unity. I've learned a huge amount as I've worked on it (and will surely learn plenty more by the time I'm done), and hopefully made a relaxing little game to zen out on for a bit along the way.

Per-Chest Loot Drop Customization (October 2014)
View Chest Customizer on Gist / View Loot Customizer on Gist
Unity / C#

This script is designed to make completely customized treasure chests as user-friendly and script-free as possible. The type and number of possible items, how many will be dropped, and the chance of any given item being dropped, are all customizable via drag-and-drop controls in Unity's Inspector panel. Idle and opening animations and sounds for the chests can be customized in the same way, along with variables such as player detection and interaction.
A second script can be attached to the loot items themselves and used to draw and randomize custom animation arcs, adjust pick-up distances, and other loot-specific traits.

Flipbook Texture Builder (March 2015)
Download Scripts / Commented version on Gist
Photoshop / Javascript

This script arranges a stack of animation frames into a realtime engine-ready flipbook texture. It will predict how to best arrange the grid based on the framecount and texture shape, warns you if the number or dimensions of frames will negatively impact the performance of the texture, and suggests dimensions to resize your texture to based on its current size. An instant-run version of the script uses these suggestions to create flipbooks without any manual inputs.

Terrain Vertex Painter (August 2014)
Software: UDK (Textures: Photoshop, Zbrush, Maya, nDo2)
Click image or here for full-size shader graph


Porygon (August 2013)
Software: UDK (Textures: Photoshop; Model: Maya)
Click image or here for full-size shader graph

Dark Treasure Chests (August 2014)
Standard - 510 tris ; Boss - 444 tris
Shared 256x256 flow map and greypack, 128x128 1-bit color, 256x64 color, 64x64 1-bit motes
Software: UDK, Maya, Photoshop

Click here or the image for fullsize shader graph